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We caught 5 minutes with one of London's bright young things between shooting looks for her new column in the Telegraph and riding out her horses Alice Manners is a girl on the go . You can see her front row at fashion week or knee deep in mud in the English countryside she's at home in both places .We have fallen in love with her beautiful spirit



Complete this sentence  Everything is better with ....
a good film.

What makes you smile ? An amazing adrenaline rush...usually found onboard my beautiful grey horse.

What makes you cry ? Seeing lonely old people and the films Titanic & Pearl Harbour - I sob through most sittings watching them.

What couldn't you live without ? Comfortable clothes!

Whom do you most admire and why ? My Mum for her never ending energy and her openness to lots of different ways of living and looking at life.

Best piece of advice you've ever been given ? If you want to get to the top of an industry such as fashion, make sure you work or spend time in every part of that industry so that when you're at the top you appreciate everyone's role and all the different skills required.

Go to party song or workout track ? Obsessed with Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show at the moment and Beast of Burden by Rolling Stones

Your most treasured possession? My rings I wear every day all a culmination of travels and birthday presents. I feel incomplete without them on.

Your guilty pleasure ? James Blunt 

Sweet or Savory ? Sweet every time.  

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