Innocent or Innocenti

We caught up with Art expert and blogger Olivia Innocenti  of Wild Free Innocent 



What's your go to drink ? Moscow mule 

What do you Treasure  ? Friendship

 The most worn item in your closet ?A Chanel little black jacket my mum gave me ... timeless !! 

 Favourite color or pattern ? Yves Klein blue  IKB 79 !

 One beauty product you swear by ? Lumity anti ageing supplement it's amazing 

Snack ? Am I allowed to say everything ?! 

 What Skill do you wish you had ? Read people's minds

Fave place in the world ? St tropez that's why we got married there

If you could be anything right now what would it be ? The president of the United States instead of Donald trump 

Best Advice ? Carpe diem- you only live once for gods sake so go for it !


Worst Advice ? Just give up

 Ultimate Crush ? My husband lol that's a bit lame ok ... Tom hardy !! 

 If you had one wish ? Health , love and happiness forever to all my close ones








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