Katharina Damm is Everything

Actor and Model Katharina Damm popped by the Rotten Roach studio to see the collection . We caught up with her and found out what her guilty pleasure is 


Complete this sentence  Everything is better with ....
Good friends and family around 

What makes you smile ? Most of my joy comes from achieving something new 

What makes you cry ? Corny romantic films 

What couldn't you live without ? Nature 

Whom do you most admire and why ? Most women . It's amazing to see powerful women who have a carrier and juggle everyday like . Victoria Beckham is one for me .

Best piece of advice you've ever been given ? Always stay positive , work hard and be good to other people .

Go to party song or workout track ? Anything Kanye West 

Your most treasured possession? My Grandmothers engagement ring 

Your guilty pleasure ? Soo many ... Chocolate 

Sweet or Savoury ?  Savoury 

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