Marissa Hermer and her kids Max, Jake & Sadie

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Meet supermama Marissa Hermer and her kids Max, Jake and Sadie. We got to hang out with these beautiful humans at their heavenly house in Pacific Palisades, California. 

Marissa owns two of the hottest restaurants in LA The Draycott and Olivetta.

She came up with the amazing initiative of 'you order we deliver' . Where you could order a delicious meal prepped by their team and she would deliver it to Dr's, Nurses , firemen and any front line workers . Delivering meals everyday to the heroes of the pandemic. 

The kids took a break from homeschooling to road test the new Rotten Roach designs and it's safe to say they are skateboard proof.

We asked them a few questions! 

What would your dream day be?

Kids: Waking up having ipad time, skateboarding, playing with our dog and eating Mavericks cookies.

Which tee is your favourite?

Kids: Favourite child !!

Which new skill have you learned recently?

Kids and Marissa: Surfing 

Dream meal?

Kids: A burger and fries at The Draycott 

Best family activity?

Kids: Puzzles

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