Sophia we love her Style

We caught up with lovely blogger and yummy mummy Sophia Lucie-Smith of SLS STYLE


What's your go to drink ? - Don Julio 42 or a green vegetable juice with extra ginger, I don’t do things by half measures

What do you Treasure  ? My daughter Petra

The most worn item in your closet ? A beaten up denim jacket I found on the floor of a thrift store in San Francisco

Favourite color or pattern ? Anything green and polka dots

One beauty product you swear by ? SKII Sheet Masks

Snack ? An extra large coffee with homemade hummus and cucumber (I’m trying to lead by example now I’m a mother)

What Skill do you wish you had ? I wish I could speak multiple languages and play the guitar

Fave place in the world ? Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara and the Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand

If you could be anything right now what would it be ? Asleep - it’s been a long week

Best Advice ? Everything will be OK

Worst Advice ? Not to speak your truth

Ultimate Crush ? Keith Richards 

If you had one wish ? I lost my father to cancer last year so finding some kind of cure for such a horrible illness

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