Oh Olivia !

Olivia Callaghan is the founder of ridiculously gorgeous personalized pom pom basket line  Bom Bom Morocco . She's also the brains behind Plox London where she runs the most awesome art's and craft workshops for Children


What's your go to drink ? Moscow mule

What do you Treasure  ? My mothers Russian wedding ring 

The most worn item in your closet ? Black cashmere sweaters

Favourite color or pattern ? Deep purple or anything missoni

One beauty product you swear by ? Eve Lom Cleanser

Snack ? Pic and mix

What Skill do you wish you had ? To Sing

Fave place in the world ? Marrakech

If you could be anywhere right now what would it be ? Lech in Austria

Best Advice ? Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated

Worst Advice ? Crowd surfing

Ultimate Crush ? David Beckham

If you had one wish ? For my ideas to become reality

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