Working On It: Summer Edition

We all are working on something this summer... be it our summer bod, a fascinating new book that everyone is reading right now, or a fabulous recipe that we want to get just right.

Our Top 5 List for those who are Working On It:

1. Party Girls Die In Pearls by Plum Sykes... A third novel by the marvellous Vogue Contributing Director. Murder can be most foul, but that doesn't mean it can't also be fabulous. We can't wait to get to our beach vacay so we can spend hours reading this new book.

2. Hydro class - a circuit class in a pool that involves timed sprints, lengths that isolate your top or bottom half and aquajogging, finishing with - what else? - a plank by the side of the pool. Because sometimes a reformer is not enough.

3. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof - the hottest play of the entire summer. Sienna Miller, Jack O'Connell and Colm Meaney star in this drama baout a Southern family whose hidden truths threaten them all. And it has Sienna. What else would you need?

4. RIGO Restaurant - Gonzalo Luzarraga is now bringing his expert skills in high quality Italian/French food to Fulham's New King's Road, in a luxe new restaurant that'll be spread across three rooms. We can't wait until this opens.

5. POPS - premium ice popsicles that can be nice or naughty...guess which ones we are choosing. Champagne ice popsicles for everyone this summer!


PS. make sure you are Working On It in our fabulous tees!

xx RR


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